Featherlite TV Commercials

Here are some of the Featherlite TV commercials that have aired on national broadcast networks over the years.

2014 NASCAR Commercial: Yours for Life

Here's our latest NASCAR commercial airing during races broadcast on ESPN, ABC Sports and Fox Sports in 2014. Featherlite manufactures car trailers, horse trailers, motorcycle trailers and almost any kind of trailer imaginable—and probably some you can't even imagine. All-aluminum trailers that are super durable, precision engineered and look amazing!

2013 NASCAR Feathers Commercial


This commercial appeared on the ESPN Sports and Fox networks during the 2013 NASCAR season. This commercial celebrates a 20 year relationship between Featherlite and NASCAR as the "Official Trailer of NASCAR".

2012 NASCAR Commercial: Masters of the Road


This 2012 TV commercial appeared during Fox, ESPN and ABC coverage of NASCAR races. It focuses on Featherlite Specialty Trailers and how they are not only used for race car transportation. You will find these mighty trailers utilized in the medical, food, education, energy, aeronautics, broadcasting and entertainment industries and organizations, as well!