Why Featherlite Trailers?

Here are the top 10 reasons.

People who choose Featherlite trailers don’t want “the usual.” And “average” isn’t in their vocabulary. They seek perfect balance--the very best value that comes with a trailer built to last a lifetime. Add the bold Featherlite character with a trailer designed with every convenience and it is a tough act to follow. In fact, no one else has.

Reason 1

Safety in greater measure

Uni-body all-aluminum construction, expert welds, superior lighting, four plus decades of experience and much more all work as a team to give you the finest, most secure travel experience. Featherlite trailers are built to withstand extreme hauling situations—so you tow with confidence.

Reason 2

Best in durability

Rust-resistant and corrosion-resilient aluminum alloy construction join with the highest manufacturing standards at Featherlite. Why burn through 2, 3 or even 4 lesser brands when a Featherlite can last a lifetime—and more.

Reason 3

Less hassle, lower blood pressure

Convenience, versatility and ease of use are designed into every model. Our engineers design our trailers with you in mind. And your blood pressure.

Reason 4

Fit perfectly to you

What are you looking for in a trailer? Something simple, functional and versatile? You got it! Or something elaborate, tailored and bold? You can have that, too, with Featherlite’s unmatched PerfectFit® customization!

Reason 5

Style that stops people in their tracks

With amazing choices of colors, metallics, graphics and an abundance of optional accessories (along with their aerodynamic design), Featherlite trailers move to the front—anywhere and everywhere! With Featherlite, your trailer is nothing less than an extension of you!

Reason 6

Smooth operator

The smooth, liquid tow of a Featherlite is legendary. Are you pulling a trailer or a cloud?

Reason 7

No limits

There is an aluminum Featherlite trailer for every hauling job and every adventure.

Reason 8

Fuel miser

Featherlite owners report substantial fuel savings by switching to a Featherlite. A lighter, smoother tow and aerodynamic aluminum form have their advantages.

Reason 9

Our longevity benefits you

We have been servicing customers uninterrupted for over four decades. (Some of our dealers have been with us for 30 years or more!) Our customers have confidence in us for a reason.

Reason 10

There are a lot more reasons

Explore our website for all the reasons Featherlite is America’s first choice—and has been for over 40 years.