Featherlite Specialty Trailers

Put Your Solution in Motion!

Need a unique trailer for your business or organization? Featherlite can custom build those too! Featherlite provides event marketing solutions for companies and organizations, whose objectives range from building brand identity to launching new products to conducting business offsite to selling products directly to customers and more. We also build command centers and trailers to serve emergency response teams. The possibilities are endless!

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For whatever need, there’s a unique mobile specialty trailer for you! Featherlite offers:

  • Draft trailers
  • Emergency response trailers
  • Hospitality trailers
  • Kitchen trailers
  • Medical trailers
  • Mobile classrooms
  • Mobile or event marketing trailers
  • Office trailers
  • Oil field trailers
  • Race car haulers
  • Vending trailers
  • & More!

These are just a few of the applications Featherlite Specialty offers. Visit the Featherlite Specialty Trailers website for more info!

medical trailer - Featherlite Trailers

Medical trailers and mobile clinics from Featherlite allow hospitals, clinics and companies providing medical equipment or services to go on-site to better serve their customers' and patients' needs.

event marketing trailer - Featherlite Trailers

Event marketing trailers let you engage with customers and build your brand beyond traditional marketing tactics. Uses include product demos, sports marketing, mobile museums, mobile recruitment and more!

kitchen trailer - Featherlite Trailers

A Featherlite kitchen trailer or concession trailer can increase your food vending, restaurant or concession sales and service. Uses include selling food off-site at events, fairs or festivals, catering conferences, receptions and events or testing new products with people outside grocery stores.

vending trailer and concessions trailer - Featherlite Trailers

Featherlite vending trailers, available in any size, serve to boost onsite merchandise sales for your business. Featherlite mobile vending trailers are used at NASCAR races, professional and college sporting events, concerts, fairs, shopping centers and many more locations.

race car trailer - Featherlite Trailers

Whether you're hauling race cars to the track or vintage cars to a show or race, Featherlite will help you get your vehicles to their destinations.  Featherlite is a leader in supplying professional racing teams from NASCAR, IZOD IndyCar Series, NHRA and other major series with high quality race car transporters.