Choose your own adventure.

Whether you’re skimming a coastline or exploring a deep, dark forest, Featherlite has the trailer you need to get you to your next adventure. We’ll handle the transport. You handle the fun.

Built tough, like you.

From countryside to mountainside – and the unmapped territory that lies in between – wherever your heart takes you, Featherlite’s all-aluminum, moisture- resistant trailers will help you get there … and home again.

The faster you unload, the sooner you play.

Simple ramps and torsion assist options allow easy in – and easy out – loading and unloading capabilities for all your recreational vehicles. That means less hassle and more play.
Featherlite recreational trailer

Fit for you.

Haul what you want to haul. Featherlite’s PerfectFit™ System lets you customize your trailer to your specifications, which means we have exactly what you’re looking for in a trailer.
Featherlite recreational trailer

Driven by style.

With Featherlite, what you want is what you get. A mix of optional accessories, colors, and graphics combine to make sure your trailer is really just an extension of you.
Featherlite recreational trailer

Smooth operator.

You could be hauling an all-terrain vehicle intended for use on the roughest road never traveled, but when it’s on your Featherlite, you’ll experience nothing but smooth sailing.
Featherlite recreational trailer
Smooth Tow
Featherlite Recreational Trailers

Why choose Featherlite Recreational Trailers?

When you’re on your way from the real world to your outdoor destination of choice, we know how important it is that you maximize your potential for play, while minimizing hassle. We couldn’t agree with you more. Versatile, durable, and extraordinarily convenient – with loading and unloading capabilities that get you off the trailer and on the trails faster than ever – Featherlite is your number one option when you’re hauling a recreational vehicle.

Bike driving into motorcycle trailer

Durability makes the difference

No terrain is too rough, no territory too remote – Featherlite trailers can haul whatever you choose to ride on your next great adventure. With a rust-resistant and all-aluminum body and superior welds for added strength, our trailers are built solid from the ground up. Wherever you pull your Featherlite trailer, know that you can push it as hard as you want. Because with Featherlite, durability is built in.

Versatility, fit for any adventure

Already loaded with top-line standard features, Featherlite trailers can be crafted to your specifications with our PerfectFit™ System. It’s the “perfect” opportunity for full-on customization.