Horse Trailer Features & Benefits

Horse Trailer Features & Benefits

Featherlite horse trailer feed doorsHorse trailers from Featherlite will come with a number of standard features - both inside and out.  Or you can choose from a number of options.  Learn more now about the benefits of owning a Featherlite horse trailer!

Then visit your local Featherlite dealer to see Featherlite horse trailers in person!

EXPLORE the INTERIOR features and benefits of a Featherlite horse trailer!

three quarter inch floor mats¾-inch rubber floor mats: Padded floors are extremely important in a horse trailer. Without proper floor cushioning, a horse will absorb impact from shocks while on the road, which increases stress and potential injury of the horse. On many Featherlite horse trailers, the floors are covered with 3/4 inch thick rubber mats, allowing a horse the greatest amount of comfort without compromising its stability. The thickness of the mats also makes them less prone to curling and rolling up, eliminating a potential tripping hazard on the floor of the horse trailer.

Slam latch dividers: If a divider is not properly secured, it can swing about while traveling. This can injure a horse or worse, upset it. Fortunately, Featherlite’s patented spring-loaded slam latch dividers offer a quick and secure lock, with no need for hands near the fastening point. Featherlite’s horse stall dividers also lock into a catch recessed in the wall, eliminating protruding parts that could injure a horse.

Rubber tie rings: The quieter the horse trailer, the calmer the horse. Featherlite horse trailers' rubber coated tie rings dampen trailer noise significantly.

Horse trailer turfDressing room turf: The turf in dressing rooms of Featherlite horse trailers is thicker, more durable and looks great! And it’s more resistant to water and other elements!

Adjustable saddle racks: Securing tack and equipment properly is easier with a Featherlite trailer’s adjustable saddle racks.

Roof vents: Your horse trailer must give your horses adequate ventilation. On Featherlite horse trailers, the vents are located down the trailer’s center. This design allows air to be efficiently drawn into the horse trailer and circulated throughout.

Heavy duty spring loaded stall dividers with slam latchHorse dividers: A heavy duty spring is standard on horse trailers with slant dividers to make using the dividers easier and to strengthen the hold backs. Nylon bushings are also added to all horse dividers causing less vibration and metal on metal contact, which will be quieter and calmer for horses riding in Featherlite horse trailers.

Some features may not be standard on all models. See your Featherlite dealer.