Safety in greater measure.

Your car ought to be safest when it’s standing still – even if it is traveling 65 mph down the freeway. With tough tie downs, sealed LED lights, a heavy-duty tongue, and more, you can count on Featherlite to keep your car safe.

Less loading, more showing.

Get your car to your show or race with ease. Featherlite ramps are made even better now, with Flex Foot ramps (on open models). No matter the car, you’ll find all the convenience and versatility you need to make waves.

We’ve got you covered.

Featherlite trailers define durability. With a rust-resistant and all-aluminum body, superior welds for added strength, and cable assist ramp (on enclosed models). One is all you need – unless you’ve got more than one car.

Enjoy effortless travel.

You don’t get more sleek and aerodynamic than a Featherlite v-nose. With less wind resistance, your trailer will be all the easier to pull.

Image is everything.

If you’re into cars, you’re into aesthetics. It’s that simple. With Featherlite PerfectFit™, you get precisely the trailer you want to suit your car, whether you show it or race it.

The color of character.

Craft a look that turns heads, whether your car is on your trailer or off it. Our mix of optional accessories, color options and graphics combine to give you the ideal trailer to suit your style.
Smooth Tow
Featherlite Car Trailers

Why choose Featherlite Car Trailers?

Whether risk plays a role in the way you use your vehicle or not, it’s nice to know it’s perfectly safe when it’s on its trailer. With 20 years of NASCAR racing experience under our belts, we know what it means to protect your cars. Our heavy-duty, all-aluminum construction means Featherlite is both durable and lightweight. And our PerfectFit System allows you the flexibility to customize your trailer to suit your style – because safety can look as sweet as you want it to. Top it all off with an unparalleled 10-year transferrable warranty**, and Featherlite is the only trailer you’ll ever need.

4926 Car Trailer with 57 Chevy loading in

Just your style.

Whether it’s a show or a race, your trailer is an extension of your car. Featherlite’s PerfectFit System gives you the option for full-on customization. Loaded with top-line standard features, our car trailers can be crafted to your precise specifications. It’s our way of making sure you can be exactly who you want to be. Because image is everything. Of course, with Featherlite, it’s never the only thing.

Safe is a good sound.

When your car is in transport, safety is an absolute must. That’s why we build innovative safety features into each of our car haulers – features like tough tie downs, sealed LED lights, a heavy-duty tongue, and more, to give you increased visibility and overall strength. It’s everything you need to ensure your car rolls safely and securely down the road, even when its own wheels are at rest.