Mobile Garage for Your Mobile Home

Give your motor home a mobile garage! Featherlite’s two story coach trailers give you an upper deck that holds motorcycles, snowmobiles or a golf cart. Store a car on the lower level, and extra wardrobe cabinets keep those extra items that just wouldn’t fit in your RV. In addition to our Model 4953, Model 4926 can also be customized as a coach trailer or stacker trailer. If a Featherlite coach trailer is what you need to go on the road with your motorhome or luxury coach, talk with your local Featherlite dealer for the next step.

Coach Models

  • Model 4953

    Model 4953

    While a luxury coach or motorhome is big enough to be your home away from home, there are some things it just can’t fit, such as a car or a golf cart. For those items, you’ll need the Featherlite Model 4953 coach trailer. A pioneer in the coach trailer industry, the Model 4953 features a single-cylinder lift that is perfect for motorcycles or a golf cart, while the lower deck is suitable for an automobile. A backup camera eliminates blind spot worries, and cabinets let you bring along tools and spare parts. A mezzanine deck provides additional storage, while custom paint and graphics are available on your coach trailer.


  • All-Aluminum Construction

    All-Aluminum Construction

    With just routine maintenance, Featherlite's durable aluminum construction has higher resistance to rust and corrosion. It’s also lighter weight, increasing your payload capacity and making for a smoother tow. Great value too.

  • Pierce & Roll Roof System

    Pierce & Roll Roof System

    Featherlite's exclusive pierce & roll roof system drives high strength rivets into the aluminum, but no hole fully pierces the roof’s skin. Instead a secure, water-resistant crown forms up and around the bottom of every rivet, reducing opportunities for water leakage. Standard riveting used by other manufacturers can create hundreds of holes in the roof of a trailer where water can infiltrate if rivets or openings become worn.

  • Aluminum Floor

    Aluminum Floor

    Featherlite's aluminum floors are stronger and more durable to last longer through heavy use when hauling your cargo or animals.

  • Aluminum Wheels

    Aluminum Wheels

    Stylish aluminum wheels allow your trailer to retain its factory appearance longer and help your Featherlite trailer retain its value over the long haul.

  • Cable Assists

    Cable Assists

    Rear ramps on many of our car haulers come with cable assists. This makes getting the ramp down and up much easier.

  • D Ring Tie Downs

    D Ring Tie Downs

    Featherlite’s stainless steel D ring tie downs are rust resistant and handy to use to tie down cargo.

  • E-Z Lube Axles

    E-Z Lube Axles

    E-Z Lube axles make bearing lubrication quick and easy with an E-Z Lube cap that allows for easy access, extra protection and virtually no mess.

  • LED Lights

    LED Lights

    Sealed LED lights are brighter and provide more visibility to others when traveling with your trailer. Plus, they traditionally last longer than conventional lights. In addition, most models feature dual wraparound LED lights.

  • PerfectFit System

    PerfectFit System

    In addition to our standard trailers, the PerfectFit System allows you to customize select trailers with a mix of optional accessories. Your Featherlite dealer will help you design your perfect trailer your way.

  • Safety


    All Featherlite trailers meet federal safety standards and are manufactured in compliance with the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM).

  • Wiring Harness

    Wiring Harness

    The Featherlite wiring harness bundles all wires in a protective jacket, providing a watertight seal and protecting against wire wear and tear. It also makes connecting them to your vehicle easier.

Featherlite reserves the right to change or alter these specifications without notice. Dimensions shown are approximate and may vary. Standard features vary by model. Some trailers shown with optional equipment. See a Featherlite dealer for most up-to-date specifications and options.