March 2, 2020 – Featherlite Trailers recently completed production on a unique mobile communications center for Evolution Well Services. 

Often known for its space-expanding slideouts that extend from the sides of its trailers, this Featherlite specialty trailer is unique with its full lift-up upper deck area that features three workstations on the top level. The main level of this 59 foot trailer also has workstations, desks and seating. Stairs at each end of the main level lead up to the second level before ascending to the upper deck. The mid level of this trailer has an office with multiple computer stations as well as an equipment room.  

This is the third transporter Featherlite has built for Evolution Well Services. This trailer will be based on a worksite for the company in western Texas.  

Featherlite is a leading manufacturer of custom trailers for event marketing, mobile medical, emergency response, education, business, sport, vending and recreational purposes. For more information on Featherlite Trailers, visit or call 800-800-1230.

Evolution upper level
Evolution mid level
Evolution main level
Evolution exterior

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