January 12, 2018 – Whispery Pines Percherons Carriage Rides & Logging, owned by Sam and Kellie Rettinger, is a growing business that revolves around traveling with draft horses. The Rettingers use their Featherlite for both work and show and have found it to be a reliable and important part of the daily operation of their Kingsville, Ohio based business.

For the logging part of their business, they travel nearly daily to and from logging sites, where they average 50 to 100 miles round trip with their Featherlite trailer and two to four Percheron draft horses. Their carriage business operates seasonally at events, such as weddings, holiday celebrations and other special events. During these events, they are transporting not only their horses but also a wagon or carriage. Trips range from 100 to 300 miles round trip on average. 

The Rettingers don’t just use their trailer for work however, they also use it to travel to many horse shows and events they attend each year. From spring through November, they attend around 12 major shows each year, including the Ohio State Fair, The Keystone International Livestock Expo and Equine Affaire Ohio and Massachusetts. Their Featherlite trailer, which is a 24-ft. model, serves as a tack trailer for hauling their tack, bedding, grain and hay. A semi-truck and trailer transports the 9 Percherons they take to horse shows. 

“Purchasing our Featherlite trailer was the best investment we have ever made,” Kellie Rettinger said. “We travel all around working with our logging and carriage business and showing. We trust Featherlite for a safe, secure and comfortable ride for our Percherons. Thank you, Featherlite.”