November 3, 2016 – Featherlite Trailers partnered with the Eagle & Badge Foundation to design and build a customized trailer for transporting the foundation’s End of Watch Memorial Wall. This 58-ft long, 9-ft tall monument displays the names of the 207 brave Los Angeles police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. The customized trailer is purpose-built to house the five sections of the memorial wall, equipped with the latest communication technology and features for hosting events. This trailer will travel across North America, displaying the End of Watch Memorial Wall, to increase awareness of the fallen heroes in law enforcement and raise funds for current and retired officers and their children, the families of fallen officers within the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), along with children in the communities they serve.

“It’s a great honor to be part of a project like this,” says Mike Galvin, specialty sales manager with Featherlite Trailers. “The End of Watch Memorial Wall is a great reminder for everyone about the oath police officers make to serve our communities and country. The customized trailer will make sure even more people get a chance to see it and helps to keep the memory of those heroes alive.”

The 53-ft End of Watch Wall Trailer’s 3-axle design maximizes the space available to house the five pieces and has a NASCAR style rear liftgate and winch system to make loading and unloading fast, safe and efficient. The trailer features a totally customized communication system that delivers an impressive user experience for everyone that attends an event. A premium sound system provides surround sound inside and outside of the trailer. Event organizers have the ability to broadcast video on the outside of the trailer using three 70-in monitors that attach to the side. The trailer is also wired and equipped with police computers, police radios, emergency police sirens and lights, WIFI, satellite TV and security cameras. A 30-ft awning runs the length of the trailer so Eagle & Badge can host private events. Also, a roof-mounted marquee gives VIP guests a better view at any major outdoor events.

The trailer is painted to compliment LAPD’s command post vehicles. And, the foundation has left space on the exterior walls to display the names/logos of their sponsors and major donors, similar to the way NASCAR sponsors are displayed on car trailers.

“The trailer will be an important part of our efforts to educate the public about the sacrifices made by the fallen officers and their families, as well as those currently serving, and to raise funds for our foundation,” reported Peter Repovich, President of the Eagle & Badge Foundation. “It will also be a reminder to everyone across America of the selfless commitment and dedication of all law enforcement officers.

“We are extremely happy with the end results and have already received a lot of positive feedback at several events,” add Repovich. “We can’t wait to hit the road and showcase the End of Watch Memorial Wall in more communities nationwide.”

About Eagle & Badge Foundation
The Eagle & Badge Foundation is a philanthropic organization created by the members and supporters of the Los Angeles Police Protective League that funds community and special projects throughout Los Angeles. With the support of the political establishment, as well as fundraising efforts such as the Eagle & Badge Gala and End of Watch Memorial Wall, the foundation provides assistance for current and retired officers, as well as the families of officers who died in the line of duty. The Foundation also supports causes centered around the children in the Los Angeles community.

For End of Watch Memorial events and sponsorship inquiries, please contact Peter Repovich, President of the Eagle & Badge Foundation at 213-792-1086, or contact Executive Director, Scherr Lillico at