Featherlite has been building aluminum trailers since 1973, when the Featherlite brand was founded. It was Featherlite’s belief then and it still is today, 50 years later, that aluminum trailers give you superior benefits as compared to steel trailers and trailers simply wrapped in aluminum sheeting.

The benefits Featherlite and many owners of aluminum trailers report include:

  • Trailers made from this durable alloy are lighter and easier to tow and allow for more payload capacity.
  • A lighter trailer can save wear and tear on a tow vehicle and increase fuel efficiency.
  • Aluminum trailers withstand corrosion and rust better.
  • Because of less corrosion and rust, aluminum trailers traditionally hold their value much better than steel counterparts.
  • Overall, Featherlite aluminum trailers are known for their superior durability and long life.

Read the Aluminum Trailers vs. Steel Trailers article for more information on the differences.

Featherlite manufactures the following aluminum trailers:

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