Horse trailer 8542
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2019 8542 Legend Horse Trailer — 19.330'

VIN#: 4FG-B1192-8-KC148442
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General Description:

Highlighted by square cornered drop down feed doors, unload doors and camper doors along with aluminum upgrades and extra tie rings, the Legend 8542 offers even more extraordinary choices to Featherlite trailer owners.
* Details in general description are for base unit. See specs or dealer for specific item details. 8533 and 8541 models are available with or without living quarters. Check dealer for details on availability of LQ within trailer of interest.

Trailer Specifications


Feature QTY Description
P8841 1 3 horse package 7' wide x 7' high x 19'4" long with 52" dressing room


Options QTY Description
91107 1 No lining on horse area ceiling
91108 1 No lining on HA walls above .090.
91157 1 Tire/rim GY ST235/80R16 LRE 8 hole silver MOD
92203 15 Easy Care Flooring for 6'7" or 7'0" wide trailers (p/ft)
F1100 1 Not framed for ac/vent
F1101 1 Standard interior package
F1103 1 No tank under gooseneck
F1104 1 No dressing room window
F1105 1 No sidetack
F1106 1 No straight wall
F1309 1 Tandem axle 5.2K rubber torsion. Includes (4) GY tire/rim ST235/80R16 LRE & 8 hole silver MOD wheel & hub cover. (Includes conspicuity tape) (To add a spare use code 91157)
F1700 1 Electric brake
F1860 1 Axle lube type - easy lube
F2022 1 Turf slant standard colors on dressing room floor
F2023 1 Turf standard colors on gooseneck floor
F2024 1 Turf standard colors on drop wall
F2347 18 Line wall rubber up 48"
F2583 15 Line wall rubber up 44" in front of horses
F3036 2 Divider slant with slam latch & .100 in center
F3055 1 Wall tack rear folding lined one side in .100 aluminum on outside
F3076 1 Wall solid lined one side w/.100 up 48" then .040 to the ceiling
F3200 1 Smoked glass windows throughout trailer
F3267 3 Window 34 1/4" x 22" with bars behind each horse (Use 94495C or 94496C to change to feed door)
F3269 2 Window 24" x 20"
F3344 1 Door horse rear double with windows, pressure latch & removable post
F3463 1 Door square cornered camper 36" w/window, deadbolt and screen door
F3528 1 Natural aluminum sheets on inside of rear doors, unload door, and rear tack
F3677 1 No walk through door
F3902 1 No manger
F3960 1 Sheet white
F4413 1 Door square cornered side unload with drop down feed door
F4497 2 Door square cornered drop down feed with drop down bars
F6306 1 Bumper rubber dock
F7003 3 Vent roof 2-way pop up
F7188 3 Saddle rack adjustable
F7190 1 Post removable for saddle racks
F7211 1 Extra location for removable saddle rack post
F7322 1 Strap nylon at rear door
F7345 4 Light LED rectangle surface mount 4.5" x 2.5" x 1", 12 volts DC, 0.65 amps, 7.8 watts, 810 lumens without switch (Maximum 6 lights per 5 amp circuit) (Maximum 9 lights per 7.5 amp circuit) (Maximum 12 lights per 10 amp circuit) (Maximum 18 lights per
F7352 1 Strap nylon at unload door
F7355 1 Switch in rear frame for horse/stock area
F7389 15 Tie ring inside
F7405 1 Switch in dressing room
F7432 1 Clothes rod aluminum
F7438 2 Bar halter 6 hook removable aluminum
F7441 1 Tray brush aluminum
F7442 6 Tie ring outside
F7443 1 Blanket bar swinging
F7528 1 Light package for GN trailers with colored LED lenses (Includes (20) 3/4" round clearance lights & 4 stop/turn lights)
F7948 1 Nose tapered - horse
F8014 1 Landing gear single speed
F8020 1 Coupler GN 2 5/16" adjustable
F8075 1 Carrier spare tire (GN)
F8101 1 Stainless steel on front and corners
F8104 19 Floor smooth extruded aluminum
F8387 25 Line .090 alum up 53" behind horses & 45" in front of horses
F8500 25 Aluminum combo panel exterior with smooth sheets above per linear foot
F8560 55 .040 aluminum side sheets, taped with riveted seams.
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