NFL star Jared Allen and his Pro Bull Team use Featherlite livestock trailer

CRESCO, Iowa (February 3, 2015) — What does Featherlite Trailers have in common with the NFL, bull riding and a charity for wounded veterans? The answer is Jared Allen, a four-time All-pro defensive end for the Chicago Bears, and formerly of the Minnesota Vikings. His pro bull team uses a Featherlite trailer to transport their bulls across the United States. The money Allen’s team raises goes toward his charity for soldiers, Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors.

Allen and his riders, Kasey Hayes, Tanner Byrne and Jordan Hupp, are currently in the midst of the PBR Built Ford Tough Series’ 2015 schedule. The trailer was also used for the latter half of the 2014 season.

“They needed a trailer big enough to haul their whole fleet,” Andy VanDerGeest, sales representative for Featherlite dealer Gold Medal Trailers, said. “They also needed a trailer that could divide the bulls into individual pens, so they could have their own space and not hurt each other.”

What drew Allen’s pro bull team to Featherlite Trailers? “They liked the Featherlite brand because it’s local to the team’s general area and Matt Scharping, the team’s co-owner and general manager, had hauled a couple Featherlite trailers before,” VanDerGeest explained. “They selected Gold Medal Trailers because we are also in the bucking bull industry. So they knew we would understand what was needed in a trailer that would be used to haul bucking bulls.”

The end result is a Featherlite Model 8270 semi livestock trailer with options that maximize convenience and safety for Allen’s team. An air ride suspension gives the bulls a smooth ride, and a ground load configuration lets Allen’s team load the bulls without having to use a chute while at a rodeo. Oversize storage boxes underneath let Allen’s team store copious amounts of hay and feed for the bulls.

Inside the trailer is an innovative pen system. “It has eight separate compartments with all the gates being adjustable, so Allen’s team can adjust the pen size,” VanDerGeest said. “The gates are alternating so you can open them without having to put yourself in front of a bucking bull. In addition, the hinge portion of the gate is built out 20 inches from the wall. It creates a triangle of safe space, so bulls can’t squeeze you between the trailer and the wall when you open the gate to let them out.”

By all accounts, Allen and his pro bull team are happy with the way the trailer turned out. “I’ve run into Jared Allen’s team several times while they were using the trailer, and Matt really seems to like it,” VanDerGeest remarked. “They’ve had no complaints.”

Featherlite Trailers, headquartered in Cresco, Iowa, built the first all-aluminum trailer in 1973 and throughout its 40-year history has been a leading American brand. The company offers a versatile line of trailers for recreational and business uses, including livestock, cargo, car, horse and flatbed trailers. For more information, call 800-800-1230, visit a local dealer or go to the web at

Jared Allen Pro Bull livestock trailer

Jared Allen Pro Bull livestock trailer