Featherlite dealer Harrison Ford goes viral on social media

CRESCO, Iowa (July 31, 2014) – The power of social media was on display this week within the Featherlite dealer network. An exterior photo of Featherlite dealer Harrison Ford’s building with its name prominently displayed was shared on Facebook by actor and director George Takei. The Facebook post pointed out the obvious connection to the actor Harrison Ford. Takei, known for his role in Star Trek and active on social media, has a following of over 7 million, and the photo received over 250,000 likes and counting. The photo was additionally shared on Reddit and theChive this week as well.

Harrison Ford of Wellington, Ohio, is Featherlite’s top horse trailer and living quarters dealer. Their name is derived from a family name and their ownership of a Ford dealership, which created the unique combination that has caught the eyes of many.

Harrison Ford has a busy few months coming up as they and Featherlite prepare to attend the All American Quarter Horse Congress in Columbus, Ohio. The Quarter Horse Congress is the world’s largest single breed horse show and runs October 2-26, 2014 with the trade show open October 7-26, 2014. For more information on Harrison Ford, visit their website at harrisontrailers.com or call 800-686-3614.

Harrison Ford, Featherlite dealer