Featherlite owner describes horse trailer accident

Bobbie Jo Tucker of Stockport, Ohio bought her first Featherlite trailer in August 2012. In November, a speeding pickup truck totaled her trailer, but the horse survived. She shared her story with Featherlite. 

“I was at a friend’s house coming out of her driveway. My truck was already in the road and the trailer hadn’t finished turning when this kid came flying over the hill in a little F10 pickup truck, going 69 in a 35 speed zone. The truck hit the trailer on the driver’s side right at the tongue, where the dressing room was, and ripped the tongue right off the trailer. When the trailer broke loose from the hitch it did a 180, hit a tree, and finally took a nose dive and landed in the ditch. The kid was also hauling an ATV that wasn’t tied down properly—it left a tire print and a big old gash.

Despite the accident and the way that kid was driving, (my horse) Rosie walked away with two scrapes. I kept her calm and as bad as the accident was, she got back on another trailer because she wasn’t afraid of the trailer. There was a farrier there, and he said that because Rosie didn’t receive a lot of damage from the trailer itself, she didn’t have a fear of the trailer. My vet said it’s because of a Featherlite, too. He uses a Featherlite himself, and he says it’s the best trailer around. It might be a little more pricey than some, but you get what you pay for!”