Featherlite horse trailer

Their hooves are in our hands.

On the road, your horse’s safety is our top priority. That’s why we equip each Featherlite horse trailer with standard safety features, like ¾” cushioned rubber floor mats and spring-loaded slam latch dividers with a quick lock, protecting the treasures you hold dear.
Featherlite bumper pull horse trailer with Western trail riders
Featherlite horse trailer

Tougher than any condition.

Featherlite trailers are built for the long haul. With a rust-resistant and all-aluminum body, strong welds, and heavy-duty features, your trailer will always work as hard as you do for as long as you need it to.
Featherlite living quarters horse trailer with girl sitting on fence
Featherlite horse trailer

Our trailers don’t just haul value, they hold value.

Featherlite’s all-aluminum durability and 10-year transferrable warranty ensures your Featherlite will witness the changing of the seasons, year after year after year.
Featherlite horse trailer with English rider jumping
Featherlite horse trailer

Engineered for you and your horse.

With Featherlite’s PerfectFit™ System, you get exactly what’s best for you and your horse. By customizing your trailer to your specifications, you can pour more of yourself into your trailer, all so you can get more out of it.
Featherlite living quarters horse trailer with kitchen
Featherlite horse trailer

For the love of your horse (and you).

Featherlite horse trailers are as suitable for those with two legs as they are for those with four, with features like stronger horse dividers, easily adjustable saddle racks, and “Light Flo” feed doors.
Drop down feed windows on Featherlite horse trailer
Featherlite horse trailer

Put yourself into it.

With Featherlite you know what you get is exactly what you want. Stylish wave panels paired with a mix of optional accessories, colors and graphics combine to give you a trailer that suits your style. And the living quarters options are endless.
Featherlite bumper pull horse trailer followed by English riders
Featherlite Horse Trailers

Why Choose Featherlite Horse Trailers?

Above all else, Featherlite horse trailers put safety first. Designed with innovative features to keep your horse safe in transit, our trailers treat your treasures to a smooth and secure ride. Heavy-duty, all-aluminum construction lends durability to each trailer, and keeps them lightweight for superior fuel efficiency. And with highly customizable features available to you through our PerfectFit™ System, Featherlite trailers are designed to fit you to a tee. The bottom line is you always get precisely what you want. Add to it an unparalleled 10-year transferrable warranty, and you can rest assured Featherlite is with you for the long haul.

cowgirl on a horse - featherlite trailers

Safety is our first priority.

Safety is our first priority. Two words are good enough to start any conversation about Featherlite horse trailers: safety first. We know safety is your top priority when it comes to hauling your horse, which is why we’ve made it ours as well. With innovative features like “Light Flo” drop- down feed doors (for more light and airflow), ¾” rubber floor mats (to absorb shock), and slam latch dividers (to prevent injury due to moving parts), Featherlite caters to the safety of your animal each time you hit the road.

Durable, no matter what.

Durable, no matter what. Whether you’re transporting your horse to a show or the trails, the durability of your trailer is key to your success. Featherlite’s combination of an all-aluminum, rust-resistant body and superior welds for strength provides peace of mind, knowing your trailer is built to be durable, from the ground up. In your industry, you have a million things to worry about. When you choose Featherlite, your trailer won’t be one of them.