Featherlite Trailers is a sponsor of these fine equine, livestock and motorsports organizations and events. You’ll find a Featherlite dealer or representative at many of these organizations’ events. Stop by and say hello!

Horse & Livestock Sponsorships

Pony of Americas Club
Ted Turner Equine

Motorsports & Recreational Sponsorships

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Upcoming Events

Featherlite Trailers
Quarter Horse Congress is coming soon! Featherlite's trailers began their trek to the annual event this week. We'll have over 50 trailers on display w...
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Featherlite Trailers
Featherlite now hiring assemblers!
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Featherlite Trailers
Visit Featherlite dealer Mouser Steel Supply at the East Perry Community Fair in Altenburg, MO today and tomorrow to see Featherlite trailers!
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